Translating the English Language


Even before I set off on this London adventure, I knew that there were differences in the way English is spoken in America to how it’s spoken here in England. (Mainly just the accent!) But as I’ve realized in living here the past month, there are actually A LOT of differences in the words and phrases that are used back home, that aren’t used here!  There are some that my British friends have never even heard of  before! There are even differences in the way that Brits and Americans pronounce the same word, like “fillet,” and it’s not just a “potatoe/potatoe, tomatoe/tomatoe” difference.

With all these difference in mind, I thought that it would be cool to create a guide for translating the English language here in England! I’m sure there will be more to add to the list as I continue to live here over the next two months, but this is what I’ve come up with so far! 🙂

Band-Aids- Plasters

Fillet- In England they pronounce the “T” at the end

Jelly- Jam

Sweater- Jumper

Stand in line- Stand in queue/ Queue up

Thanks- Cheers

Herb- They pronounce the “H”

Attractive- Fit

Ugly- Minging

Trash- Rubbish

Garbage can- Bin

Sausage- Bangers

Chips- Crisps

Fries- Chips

Early dinner- Tea

Cool/Sounds good- Decent

Pulp (like in orange juice)- Juicy Bits

Juice- Squash

Schedule- Timetable

Diss/Call out- Parr


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